Aims & Objectives

Main Aims & Objectives

Objective 1

To create responsive and good governance among the society

Objective 2

To create efficiency, Honesty, effectiveness, natural respect, integrity, teamwork and community sensitivity.

Objective 3

To create positive living environment in which the often abandoned and neglected children feel at home and cared for, as a basis of social and professional development.

Objective 4

To provide orphans, semi-orphans, street children a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of the society.

Objective 5

To encourages orphans, semi-orphans, street children to kindle their potential by nourishing creative opportunities like "Breakfast Clubs" to provide a nourishing daily meal during a school year.

Objective 6

To make available secure places where orphans, semi-orphans and school children can play and enjoy their childhood. And so much more.

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